New Locks Means Better Protection

New Locks Means Better Protection

We offer lock re-keying services in Austin & Pflugerville, TX

Intruders don't always have to pick the lock to break into your home or business. If it's been a while since you've changed your locks, anyone with an old key can still get in.

Locksmart in Austin & Pflugerville, TX offers residential and commercial lock changing services to keep unwanted guests or intruders out of your building. Our professional can re-key your locks so old keys don't work or change out your locks completely. Either way, only those with updated keys will be able to enter your home or business

Call today to schedule our affordable lock re-keying services.

Should you change your locks?

There are many reasons to change the locks on your home or businesses. Count on the professionals at Locksmart to change out or re-key your locks when you have...

  • Purchased a new home.
  • Released an employee.
  • Evicted old tenants.
  • Foreclosed a home or building.
  • Lost your master key.

We offer commercial contracts to local realtors and property managers and offer round-the-clock eviction lock re-keying services. Call today to see how we can help you.